Tembusu trees

[TH; Kan Krao (กันเกรา)/ Munpla (มันปลา)/ Tum Sao (ตำเสา)]

Tembusu is a large tree which is native to many countries in South East Asia including Thailand. For Thai people, Tembusu is considered to be an auspicious tree. The word Kan Krao, as Central Thai people call it, means to prevent any bad luck. This tree is widely used as house poles because of its very high durability against any weather and bugs. Moreover, its wood is used by carpenter for furniture, tableware, and other items.

ThaiCraft has a partner artisan group from Ratchaburi province named “Wood Work” who craft quality wooden tableware and decorations. You can meet and support them at the ThaiCraft Fair. Some of their products are also available at Heritage Craft & Café.

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