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ThaiCraft invite you on journey through these pages to explore a wide range of handmade crafts from all regions of Thailand and to introduce you to some of the artisans who havecreated them.


When grouped together, Thai handicraft are an exciting blend of the many diverse ethnic cultures and traditions found within this Kingdom. In spite of some adaptation, the age-old culture and ethnic origins of these artisans shout loudly from these pages. These are craft skills of love which involve much time, patience and talent. Crafts are vitally important as means of preserving the traditional life value of community life and protecting the environment in Thailand.

Tao Luang

The Chiang Mai valley was the heartland of the Lanna Kingdom, founded 750 years ago. Tao Luang (Majestic Kiln) is a small pottery...


This high-grade stainless steel tableware owes its origin to ancient times when Siamese kings fought battles on elephants against the invading Burmese. 

Doi Tao

Preserving craft heritage is important to this Karen tribal village in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

Rayong Baskets

Being both light and robust, krajoot, a coastland rush, is ideal for baskets, mats and hats in many colours.

Ban Na Pho

After an exceptional silk weaver presented HM The Queen with an exquisite pha-sin (sarong), the weaver’s daughter started a production group...

There is a sophisticated simplicity in the craft designs of the Karen, a tribal minority living in Thailand’s northwestern hills. 

Karen Silver
Chainat Basket

Formerly scorned for clogging Thailand’s waterways, water hyacinth is now considered a fine material for strong,

high-quality basketry...


Bangkok is a city of social and economic contrasts. These stylish spa products are created in a low-income community crammed into a tiny area...

Shadow Puppets

Before television, Thai people in the South were entertained with satirical shows using shadow puppets.

Recycle Paper Products

Creating lizards, insects, flowers and even baskets from waste paper is a fun way to show concern for the environment...

Narathiwat Baskets

In a fishing village in Narathiwat, in Thailand’s deep South, Muslim women weave supple yet durable krajoot (bulrush) into baskets.

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